Nissan Thrill Seekers AR Scavenger Hunt

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Nissan Thrill Seekers AR Scavenger Hunt

Nissan Thrill Seekers AR Scavenger Hunt

George P. Johnson worked with Groove Jones to bring to life an interactive AR scavenger hunt inspired by Nissan’s “Thrill Driver” national television campaign. In the television commercial, Eugene Levy transforms into an action hero when he experiences the thrill of driving a Nissan.

For the New York Auto Show, Groove Jones incorporated that same idea and asked car enthusiasts to seek out and show off their “Thrill Face” in an interactive scavenger hunt using AR face filters that were hidden throughout the Nissan show floor. Customers could win prizes by finding each of the three face filters and activating each of the “Thrill Faces” by taking a selfie.

Within each floor area, a specific “Thrill Face” could be found, highlighting the vehicle’s traits and the customer’s inner personality.

Seek. Scan. Win.

Customers that entered the Nissan space were greeted by oversized displays which explained how to participate. First, they needed to find hidden Nissan Thrill Face QR codes in various locations – Pathfinder Park, Formula E, and Electric Avenue.

To begin, the participants needed to scan a QR Code and register. This activated the scavenger hunt.

Groove Jones included a tutorial and a map of the space to help them on their journey within the program. A visual checklist also tracked which face filters had been found and activated.

Locked filters indicated that they needed to be found. Once they were found and the participant had taken a selfie, they became unlocked. Unlock all three, complete the checklist, and display the award badge.

The Scavenger Hunt.

Pathfinder Park highlighted the new Nissan Pathfinder within an outdoor environment, unlocked an outdoors nature filter, transforming you into a rugged outdoorsman.

QR Codes were hidden along a hiking trail or on a sign, being held by a friendly raccoon.

Thrill Drive was all about speed and high performance. Find the QR Code, and it will transform you into a race driver.

Electric Avenue highlighted the new electric Ariya, which beautified your face and electrically charged your background.

The program was extremely successful. It provided a no-touch customer experience by utilizing the guest’s personal devices. This approach also increased the throughput and onboarding while at the same time making it scalable by having multiple points of entry. The activation also generated thousands of leads through the customer acquisition front end that everyone opted into.

COMPANY: Groove Jones

By | July 26, 2022

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