Our idea – what if there was a place where creativity ruled. Where smart people can come together and work towards greatness without restraints. Simple. So we did it.

Groove Jones is a creative technology company that provides software solutions to advertising, entertainment, marketing, health, and training companies to engage with their audiences. It has a client list of numerous Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, AT&T, Comcast, HP, IBM, Intel, Lexus, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Nestle, Samsung, Toyota and Under Armour.

Reach out to us – whois@groovejones.com

We are artists, musicians, thinkers, creators, tinkerers, technologists, gamers, strategists, innovators, rebels, developers and most of all, digital fanboys (and fangirls) with a common interest: consistently delivering amazing, effective work for amazing clients. We love what we do.

VR – We provide 360º video capture and post-production services, develop real-time render interactive virtual reality experiences and consult with our clients on strategic distribution strategies to amplify reach and effectiveness. We are a content partner for all VR technologies including – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream + Cardboard.

AR – We are approved developers for all modern day AR wearables (Hololens, Meta, Magic Leap) and AR mobile devices (ARKit and ARCore).

GrooveTech™ is the world’s first virtual reality platform built for brands and advertisers. GrooveTech™ is a modular system with a set of robust features that allows our clients to customize their VR activations and experiences to meet their specific needs.

• Strategic Planning and Consulting for Augmented and Virtual Reality Content and Applications
• AR Lens and Photo Filters – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram
• Fan Engagement Experiences and Interactive Installations
• AR, VR, XR, MR development
• Mobile App Development and Design
• 360º Content Creation – 360 Videos and Interactive Applications
• Real-Time Render Engine Development
• CGI and Animation
• Motion Capture
• Deployment for On-Site Activations
• Multi-Touch Surfaces and Gesture-Based Reactive Interfaces

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Key Clients

AT&T, Toyota, Lexus, MasterCard, Sleep Number, McDonalds, Samsung, HP, Intel, FX


“Groove Jones over-delivered. Their amazing work resulted in a lot of press about the Happy Meal VR experience. The number of articles that came out of it, the positive sentiment, and the social sharing tweets were great. It was rated one of the top experiences at South by Southwest."
– DeLu Jackson, McDonald’s Vice President Global Digital

“Feedback was phenomenal from both customers and employees. The VR platform added a new layer to our tradeshow presentation, improving lead generation by 50% over previous years.”
– David Federico, Rinnai America Corporation, Senior Brand Manager