Medtronic’s Gastrointestinal Business Game

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Medtronic’s Gastrointestinal Business Game

Medtronic’s Gastrointestinal Business Game

Whoever said medical device marketing is boring hasn’t seen what Groove Jones created for Medtronic. Medtronic’s Gastrointestinal team wanted something exciting and different to help them stand out at the LIFE ITSELF event. The LIFE ITSELF event, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN) & Marc Hodosh (Co-founder of TEDMED, the health and medical version of the TED Conference) was a three-day retreat, converging about 50 speakers and a limited number of guests — leaders from multiple disciplines who intersect the fields of health & medicine.

Medtronic’s CEO spoke about how data and AI will revolutionize care for millions who could benefit from accessing more personalized care.

The Medtronic marketing team wanted to demonstrate the power of their GI Genius™ and PillCam™ systems. The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module is the first-to-market, computer-aided polyp detection system powered by AI. The PillCam™ COLON capsule endoscopy system enables direct visualization of the colon with a noninvasive capsule endoscopy procedure, supporting early detection of polyps.

Groove Jones integrated the system’s features and capabilities into a larger-than-life, fully interactive gamified experience for Medtronic for participants to engage with at the event.

The game is displayed on an 11-foot LED wall and is played on a custom-built, gaming control panel positioned in front of the screen.

Participants learn how AI-powered systems can improve the early detection of pre-cancerous polyps in the colon and prevent colorectal cancer through compelling gameplay.

Gaming for Serious Subject Matter – Learn By Engagement

The game has two modes of play to highlight the two AI-powered systems by Medtronic. Participants can play the game using the GI Genius™ or with PillCam™ systems. The game put’s the player in charge of hunting for potentially cancerous polyps in the colon, and scanning polyps earn points in various stages to increase your score.

The game challenges you to detect cancerous polyps that appear along the lower digestive tract. Points are awarded based on what stage the polyps are, and bonus points are awarded for detecting precancerous polyps. Special game power-ups like “Slow-Mo” and “AI Power-Up” by accomplishing special moves.

PillCam™ Game Screen Version

GI Genius™ Game Screen Version

At the end of the game, participants see how many polyps they detected.

To add a layer of competition, we created a universal leaderboard system, which also served as a great photo opportunity for players to pose with their scores and show off on social media.

Medtronic’s CEO, Geoff Marth, showed off his gaming skills as he bested Chief Medical Officer for Gastrointestinal business, Austin L. Chiang, MD, MPH.

COMPANY: Groove Jones

By | September 9, 2022

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