Tobii Virtual Reality Eye Tracking

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Tobii Virtual Reality Eye Tracking

Tobii Virtual Reality Eye Tracking

Virtual Reality, Real insights

Vobling teamed up with the leading eye tracking company, Tobii, in a mission to build the world’s first Virtual Reality eye tracking analytics platform for Unity 3D. This platform tracks the way consumers and users react and behave in retail, training, medical, industrial and other environments created in VR.





The platform gathers data, information and monitors reactions with Tobii’s eye tracking technology. This powerful analytics tool can for example allow brands and retailers to study shopping journeys of consumer and their decision making process at the point of sale. These key insights and knowledge serve as valuable input in the process of designing new or re-designing current experiences, marketing materials, products and services.





The analytics platform is used by the research department at Tobii Pro, that helps businesses and academic researchers gain insights into human behaviour through the use of world-leading eye tracking technology.





STUDIO: Vobling

By | December 10, 2019

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