The Intelligent Car Configurator Concept

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The Intelligent Car Configurator Concept

The Intelligent Car Configurator Concept

ZeroLight and Porsche redefine the automotive customer journey at Startup Autobahn.

Driving engagement through personalisation

When delivered at scale, personalisation will enable brands and their dealers to build and nurture a unique and ongoing relationship with each of their customers, increasing sales by more than 10% (McKinsey) and improving customer experiences at every single touchpoint.





“Imagine if every purchase journey was entirely unique to each individual customer, with relevant content delivered directly to their fingertips.”
– François de Bodinat
CMO, ZeroLight

Personalisation at scale

Porsche and ZeroLight collaborated on a new concept for Plug and Play’s Startup Autobahn: an Intelligent Car Configurator. The aim of this concept was to create a fully personalised purchase journey, catering to the unique preferences of each individual user at every touch point.





To achieve this, the project’s deliverables were focused on three key pillars.

1. A unified platform
Harnessing an interconnected, consumer-centric platform. Ensuring maximum reach so that customers can start and continue their car-buying journey on their own terms, wherever they are.

2. Customer inspiration
Inspiring customers through relevant suggestions based on behavioural analytics and customer profiling.

3. Dealer insights
Empowering dealers to understand the individual needs of each customer, helping them deliver the best service and facilitate an on-going relationship with the customer.





“The collaboration with ZeroLight on this project allowed us to create a concept that delivers a seamless experience that is both beautiful and unique for every customer. Dealers can understand and cater to each client’s individual preferences as soon as they enter the dealership, building an even stronger on-going relationship that adds value to the car-buying experience.”

– Sebastian Oebels
Project Manager, Internet Car Configurator at Porsche AG

Redefining the automotive customer journey

The ICC concept represents a fully integrated customer journey, bridging the gap between online and dealers whilst ensuring every touch point is relevant. With the ability to reach any connected device, customers can start their purchase journey from wherever they wish.





Driving inspiration through individualisation

Based on pre-qualification data, visitors are provided with an appropriate pre-defined vehicle as they access the real-time 3D configurator.

Comparing individual behaviour vs aggregated data, the ICC immediately suggests relevant configuration packages that suit the user’s specific needs and preferences, streamlining the process to bring the customer closer to their perfect Porsche. Throughout their configuration journey, the customer can see their car’s popularity and relative uniqueness in real-time, continually reinforcing the individualised nature of their experience.

Once happy with their configuration, customers can explore it in a variety of different settings by switching between alternative environments, enjoying autogenerated 2D ‘beauty shots,’ or by bringing it to life through immersive mediums like mobile AR and VR.





After perfecting their car, the customer can generate a dedicated Porsche code which bridges the gap between online and the dealership. At this stage, they also have the option of receiving a personalised brochure of their vehicle to enjoy before visiting the dealer.

Data-driven dealership experiences

Upon entering the Porsche code, the dealer gains access to a suite of tools which guides them through their customer’s entire configuration journey so far.

In addition, the ICC recommends individually relevant configuration options to the dealer, allowing them to tailor their every suggestion to their customer’s specific needs. These powerful insights enable the dealer to build a sophisticated picture of each individual customer, empowering them to deliver a truly personalised service.





Delivering “the right content, for the right reason, at the right time,” this achieves Smart Focus’ definition of “true personalisation,” adding value for the dealer and the customer by increasing both upsell potential and the customer experience.

Post-sale, the dealer can utilize the cloud to generate a personalised microsite on demand for each customer. Featuring stunning beauty shots and interactive features like mobile AR, the site offers a unique takeaway to enjoy and share with friends and family as part of the sales process or before the car arrives.

By tailoring the entire in-dealership experience to the individual needs of the customer, dealers can create an on-going relationship with each individual, improving their overall experience whilst giving the OEM an agile approach to sales and marketing.










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By | October 25, 2019

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