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Skoda Crystal AR App

Skoda Crystal AR App

Telling a brand’s story through AR

What’s Skoda Crystal AR App?

It is an AR app that shows the evolution of Skoda’s vehicles. Its main goal is to increase brand awareness and turn prospects into clients at Skoda’s dealer centers. Using their cameras, users can get a glimpse of popular vehicles as well as interact with them.

Client’s Wants & Needs

Fully Harness the Partnership
Skoda was partnering with Cirque du Soleil and needed to take full advantage of the partnership. So, the company got in with your favorite AR creators.

Increase Brand Awareness
Their goal was to increase brand awareness and also convert the audience during the events and visitors in Skoda dealer centers into customers.

Create an Innovative Product
To achieve this goal, the brand was relying on innovation which is one of its core values.

Include Skoda’s Popular Designs in AR App
After getting all the necessary information, WE/AR Studio developed a solution that drew inspiration from Skoda’s most popular designs.

How WE/AR Studio Did It

1. Client’s Needs
Regardless of what project it is, WE/AR Studio team’s first line of action is always to get a clear understanding of their client’s needs. Working hand in hand with Skoda’s team made it possible for them to achieve the brand’s goal.

2. Drawing Inspiration from History
Once WE/AR Studio had a clear idea of what Skoda needed, it was left to them to find a way to bring it to life. As expected, their team didn’t disappoint. They opted to develop an AR app that will tell the story of Skoda’s journey.

3. Skoda’s Story
WE/AR Studio started their Skoda story with a 3D version of the 1895 Slavia, Skoda’s first-ever bicycle. The two other products the app features are the 90’s model Favorit and the Skoda Vision IV. The latter was the company’s first fully electric vehicle.

4. Scalability
One issue that WE/AR Studio had to solve during the development of the app was scalability. They wanted the Skoda Crystal app to enable users to carry out different actions with the vehicles.
These actions include taking pictures with real-sized 3D versions and placing mini-sized versions on tables when there isn’t abundant space. They also had to ensure that the placement and scale were very easy to use. That way, anyone could use the app without fuss regardless of their technological experience.

5. Bringing it All Together
WE/AR Studio included a crystal in the background of each of the sets to symbolize Skoda’s logo. Another thing they did was add video explainers. The purpose of the video explainers was to ensure that users have a better understanding of Skoda’s evolution.

Challenges That WE/AR Studio Overcame

Getting a clear idea of what was needed to achieve Skoda’s goal

Choosing the right products to feature in the AR experience

Scaling option to allow users to have fun with different sizes of the vehicles

Adding video explainers for better understanding

Project Results

After the release of the app, it quickly became clear that it was another win for WE/AR Studio. They have been able to prove once again that AR is about more than just entertainment. The technology can help businesses achieve their marketing goals and make them stand out from their competitors.

Even after the closing of the event, Skoda has continued to use the app in its dealer centers.


By | August 26, 2022

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