Pico – Powerful 360 Video Showcase

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VR - Tethered Headsets, WebVR, 360

Pico – Powerful 360 Video Showcase

Pico – Powerful 360 Video Showcase

Want to know how to turn VR into a reality for your business? Get in touch by completing the form to start saving costs and engaging with your audience.

As well as full projects, we also offer the following services to complement your current workflow:
– 360 video
– 2D video production
– 2D drone video
– Drone 360
– Photogrammetry model creation
– 3D Model creation

RiVR and Pico Interactive have a strong relationship in the world of Virtual Reality.
Using RiVR professionally shot content energized with Pico hardware, you have the best and most complete VR product on the market to educate, promote or entertain students, customers and audiences in the safest possible way.

COMPANY: RiVR and Pico Interactive

By | October 21, 2021

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