Flow Waterjets Sales & Marketing Large Equipment

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Flow Waterjets Sales & Marketing Large Equipment

Flow Waterjets Sales & Marketing Large Equipment

Flow WaterJet uses Manifest at trade shows to display full-scale 3D models of their machines with interactive feature walkthroughs. At the Customer Training Center in Kent, Washington, instructors use Manifest in the classroom and training lab to teach customers routine maintenance procedures on the machine’s 96,000 PSI intensifier pumps.





At the CTC, customers use Manifest augmented reality procedures to learn and execute disassembly, maintenance, and reassembly of the intensifier pumps. In the near future, these procedures will be available to customers to use at their facilities creating value add for Flow’s support services and to their customers whose waterjet machines are a operational-critical part of their business.





“We plan to use Manifest software to show our customers step-by-step instructions on how to maintain their systems.”
– Dan Husted, Training Supervisor
Flow WaterJet



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By | December 9, 2020

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