DIVR: Virtual Reality Snorkeling

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DIVR: Virtual Reality Snorkeling

DIVR: Virtual Reality Snorkeling


Ballast VR combines the weightlessness of being in water with the immersion of Virtual Reality, resulting in an unprecedented full-body sensory experience. Our patent-pending technology transforms any pool into a fantastic adventure where anyone can go flying, deep sea diving or on a space walk.



When submerged in water, virtual reality experiences become more powerful than ever before. With a zero-gravity sensation, guests feel as if they are flying through magical worlds.







* OCEAN DIVR – Drift Dive
Come along for a drift dive through the most amazing parts of the ocean, visiting underwater wrecks, caves and submarines. Hang out with Manta Rays, sharks and be mesmerized by a pod of singing Humpback Whales.


* ATLANTIS DIVR – Journey to Atlantis
Let Aiden, your friendly neighborhood seal take your on a trip through his lair. Help him through dangerous waters with mysterious creatures so he can guide you to the fabled entrance of the lost city of Atlantis!


* SPACE DIVR – Space Flight
Float high above the earth, through asteriods and past the Hubble Space Telescope. Visit the abandoned space station. Find out what happened here and where the journey will take you.






Shown below is a medium scale DIVR deployment at Cafalandia, Colombia. With 6 stations installed in a custom built pool, this is a great example of a DIVR setup. The target population is not used to used snorkel masks, and hence the design included a separate training pool to acclimatize guests. This isn’t necessary by any means, but can also act as a staging area for guests in line, to get fitted with the mask and get basic instructions, which keeps throughput high. With this setup, Cafalandia can run 60-70 guests per hour.


DIVR can also run as a temporary installation, for a few hours a day for example, since it only requires 5 minutes to setup and remove.






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