Top 10 VR Experiences of 2019

Top 10 VR Experiences of 2019

Top 10 VR Experiences of 2019

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As we move into 2020 we would like to share our favourite examples of great VR marketing and corporate training over the past year. There are many more excellent cases, but we couldn’t fit them all in here.

So without further ado, here are our top 10 VR experiences of 2019!



1. BMW M Drive Tour Virtual Experience

The BMW M Drive Tour is a series of premium events allowing current and prospective BMW customers to drive the complete portfolio of BMW’s signature M vehicles around Europe’s iconic race tracks. In doing so, they fully discover the capabilities of the BMW M brand.

STUDIO: ZeroLight



2. Bell Nexus

Sector 5 Digital worked with the Bell Innovation Team to help design the Bell Nexus. Sector 5 also created a suite of augmented reality experiences and video’s to help promote and explain how this concept could impact the world over the next few years.

STUDIO: Sector 5 Digital



3. Drop in the Ocean

Vision3 built a revolutionary motion capture system that captured 4 users without mo-cap suits or dots inserting them live into a VR experience. Users experience the ocean from an entirely new perspective. Shrunk down to about 2 inches tall, participants hitch a ride on a jellyfish as they encounter the mysteries of the deep and experience the plastic pollution crisis from the viewpoint of sea life.

STUDIO: Vision 3



4. VR Boeing 737 Next Gen Thrust Reverser

This project was requested by a global provider of aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services – FL Technics. The main goal of Inlusion was to create a simulator that can be used for training and examination of maintenance workers for the Boeing 737 Next Gen Thrust Reverser opening procedure.

STUDIO: Inlusion



5. Ford: The Psychology of Performance

The Psychology of Performance is a collaborative research project between UNIT9, King’s College London and Ford Performance, investigating the effects of high-performance race car driving on the brain. The hypothesis is that by understanding professional race car drivers’ mental capacity, we can learn how to better perform in other challenging real life situations. And by training ourselves to adopt such a high-performance mindset, we can better cope.




6. British Airways Club Suite VR

British Airways wanted to bring their new Club Suite to life in VR, using this interactive medium to celebrate the plethora of new features that their Business Class passengers on the Airbus A350-1000 will be able to enjoy.

STUDIO: Neutral Digital



7. Under Armour Brand House Virtual Tour

The end of “Coming Soon” signs as we know it. Instead, imagine letting the consumer take a tour of a new space – before it’s built – through the power of Virtual Reality. Under Armour did just that in Boston’s Prudential Center to announce the arrival of their Brand House. Two virtual reality headsets were imbedded in a construction barricade where users stepped up and put on the headsets and were immediately greeted by Boston Red Sox favorite, Jackie Bradley Jr.

STUDIO: Next Now



8. Sabal Development: VR Experiences

SPINE was contracted by Sabal Development to produce VR Experiences for eight contemporary residences. This cutting-edge, immersive solution allowed for our developer client to engage with the architect, interior designer, & landscape architect throughout the design process. It also gave them the freedom to make the necessary adjustments prior to construction (saving on added construction costs down the road), and to get their marketing materials completed much faster.




9. Concawe – Environmental Science for European Refining

CINEON Training was approached by a leader in European Oil refinery safety to create a virtual reality (VR) training programme to help reduce the number of accidents at its refineries.

STUDIO: Cineon Training





10. Intercellular – An Interbody VR Experience 

Random42’s educational virtual reality experience takes you on an immersive journey inside the human body. The experience takes a deeply engaging, cinematic approach towards an educational virtual reality experience, designed to educate the user with the fascinating and complex scientific processes that take place within the human body.

STUDIO: Random42















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