Drop in the Ocean





Conservation International wanted to demonstrate the effects of micro plastics in our Oceans in a multi user social VR experience with full 6DOF freedom of movement and a call to action at the end.






Vision3 built a revolutionary motion capture system that captured 4 users without mo-cap suits or dots inserting them live into a VR experience.

Users experience the ocean from an entirely new perspective. Shrunk down to about 2 inches tall, participants hitch a ride on a jellyfish as they encounter the mysteries of the deep and experience the plastic pollution crisis from the viewpoint of sea life. Up to four participants then team up to swipe away at the plastic debris that surrounds them, Participants gain new insights into the threats facing our oceans and their role in becoming part of the solution. Users are able to interact with each other and the plankton, turtles and jellyfish around them.





This multiuser and 6DOF free-movement social VR project draws on the photo archive of Academy Award-winning micro-photographer Peter Parks to create a first-of-its kind user experience. Ocean explorers, environmental advocates and cohosts of the Travel Channel’s Caribbean Pirate Treasure Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau serve as narrators.

Vision3 designed the project to share the beauty of this breath-taking underwater natural world – and what is at stake – with people who may otherwise never experience it nor understand the need to protect it.





The location based experience was presented in a purpose-built installation created by New York’s Thinc Design. Users start learning about the plastics problem as they line up for the experience and post experience they learn how they personally make a change.








STUDIO: Vision 3

VR, Entertainment July 15, 2019 by Alvin Manalac