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Virtual Environment for Rehabilitation

Virtual Environment for Rehabilitation

How can we make rehabilitation more fun and effective? Together with CleVR, and Rijndam Revalidatie, SenseGlove created a virtual environment for rehabilitation. Performing exercises becomes a lot more fun when adding an element like squeezing eggs for points. A significant advantage of working with the company’s gloves is that they can track progress and make assignments realistic while adjusting force levels. This allows patients to start exercises at an earlier stage without being at risk.

SenseGlove was excited to share this. Haptic gloves are transforming rehabilitation process today.

Simple actions may require a lot of practice for people who recover from brain damage. The patients of Rijndam rehabilitation centre can use SenseGlove DK1 to practice the movements that are important for their recovery. The training takes place in virtual kitchen environment and patients can exercise without the permanent supervision of a therapist.

Force-feedback gloves allow to interact with virtual objects as if they were real: patients feel the size and density of the virtual objects, feeling the difference between an egg and a sugar cube. They feel the softness of the sponge in their hands and the harness of the teacup.

By exercising in VR, they can start their rehabilitation at an earlier stage. Patients get scores and beat their records without being at risk of dropping pans or burning themselves with a hot tea.

COMPANY: SenseGlove

By | March 4, 2022

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