VIROO: Virtualware Immersive Room

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VIROO: Virtualware Immersive Room

VIROO: Virtualware Immersive Room

AIXR VRAwards 2019 ‘VR Enterprise Solution of the Year’ winner




Virtualware Immersive Room (VIROO) is a virtual reality solution that enables any organisation to launch 1:1 scale and multi-user virtual reality content in an easy and affordable way.


VIROO transforms any physical room into a virtual reality room, by means of a patented tracking technology and a software platform that allows VR content creation and deployment as well as equipment and room management.


Composed of the most advanced virtual reality technology, VIROO replaces the obsolete and expensive CAVEs.







Before VIROO, the enterprise virtual reality systems that existed in the market had limitations in terms of space and number of users, they were complex to set up and they required a considerable investment. On top of that, these systems couldn’t be updated and scaled according to the customers’ needs.


After developing an inside-out tracking system, and a software platform that streamlines the process of generating and launching VR content, Virtualware has been able to market a straightforward solution that democratises large-scale multi-user free-roam VR experiences in the enterprise.


VIROO introduces a game-changing approach which leverages workforce training, product design process and customer engagement.







VIROO is intended for enterprise segments that want to take training, engineering and marketing to the next level. Automotive, transportation, aerospace or energy industry as well as healthcare providers, research centers or universities can unlock the potential of Virtual Reality Rooms:


  • Reviewing product designs without building physical prototypes and enabling consensual decision making.
  • Training multiple workers simultaneously in a safe, fast and effective way.
  • Engaging audience like never before.
  • Teach students how to create next generation of immersive content.


The solution impacts very positively on the business, reducing investments and operational expenses, increasing competitiveness and opening a new world of opportunities for talent development.







The VR Awards is at the centre of recognition and celebration of outstanding achievement in Virtual Reality. Every year, this prestigious event brings the world’s most influential names in immersive technology together. Organised and produced by The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR), the third annual VR Awards celebrated the very best in virtual reality in 2019. The categories include VR Hardware of the Year, VR Healthcare of the Year and VR Enterprise Solution of the Year among others.


VIROO: Virtualware Immersive Room was awarded as VR Enterprise Solution of the Year. A category which specifically rewards projects that satisfy the needs of an organisation rather than individual users. Such organisations include corporations, universities and governments.





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