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The University of Adelaide: Immersion Room

The University of Adelaide: Immersion Room

Based in Australia, the University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is a renowned world leader in health education and research. It features the most technologically advanced simulation facility in Australasia, so it can offer learning opportunities and hands-on experience for its medical students.

Of course, you can’t stay cutting-edge by resting on your laurels. The University of Adelaide had been researching mixed reality and immersive technologies to further enhance its simulation facility. It initially set up several VR suites with the use of headsets. But as a natural progression, it wanted to immerse large classes together. It wanted an entire Immersion Room. It wanted Igloo Shared VR technology.

The Igloo-powered Immersion Room offers a range of benefits. It can fit large groups of students — and crucially, be used for remote teaching too. By being able to capture and play 360° film from anywhere, students can be transported to faraway healthcare facilities. Or, they can follow a medical procedure from the patient giving consent to the follow-up in the 360° environment. Furthermore, immersive experiences offer possibilities for empathy-building, such as a dementia experience following the journey of patients dealing with the condition.

The University of Adelaide’s first use of its Immersion Room came with dealing with COVID-19. Thanks to Igloo’s compatibility with Zoom, it was able to create a virtual classroom environment. The staff could show medical procedures on a mannequin. Around them, the 360° screen was split into multiple windows for presentations, live polls, and a montage of the students’ faces life-sized. As a result, everyone could get a real sense of presence and interaction.

“In summary, we’re incredibly happy with the investment. It’s an emerging technology and we’re happy to be on that learning curve. Our students are enjoying it, our academics are excited by it. We’re also hoping we can collaborate with other universities and other users of the Igloo system to learn what they’ve done, and share the ideas we have.”

– Associate Professor Adam Montagu
Director of Adelaide Health Simulation, The University of Adelaide


By | August 19, 2021

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