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Styrodur HoloHaus

Styrodur HoloHaus

Sales and Training with HoloLens

The Mixed Reality App allows to make the otherwise invisibly installed insulating material Styrodur virtually visible and helps to explain the advantages in a simple and descriptive way.


BASF produces Styrodur, an insulating material for house construction that has special properties such as approval for earthquake regions. However, presenting Styrodur is a challenge. In order to convey the advantages of the product appropriately, a construction site had to be visited.


With the help of an app for Microsoft HoloLens, we eliminated this step as we bring the construction site into the office, regardless of location or weather. The app recognizes real floors and walls and can make them virtually transparent – holograms explain how the insulation works. All participants see the same content through their Mixed Reality glasses and can exchange ideas. In this way, employees and customers can get to know the product in detail at any time.


The app enables BASF and its sales partners to explain the product to their employees and customers in a clear and detailed way at any time without having to take them to a construction site. Interactivity allows users to successfully memorize the content and leads to a more qualified and faster training or purchase decision.

COMPANY: 3spin

By | October 22, 2020

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