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Starburst Juicyverse

Starburst Juicyverse


For over a year, MetaVRse have been building the core infrastructure for the world’s largest virtual mall, they called TheMall on their MetaVRse Engine 2.0 (coming later this year).  Their first major brand partner is Mars-Wrigley and last week they officially launched the Starburst® Juicyverse.  This marketing activation has three world-firsts:

  1. First IRL-URL-IRL Metaverse/Web 3 activation – The Juicyverse starts in-store where a QR code brings guests into the experience. After getting your free Starburst t-shirt, you can complete the 3D scavenger hunt for a loyalty NFT that turns into a coupon for an instant discount to purchase the candy back in-store. The NFT’s are all minted on the Hedera blockchain.
  2. First commercial 3D virtual world delivered across ALL modern devices over the browser – The power of the MetaVRse Engine allows for millions of guests to visit the experience simultaneously across any device, OS and browser, without the need to download any apps. Powered by the MetaVRse Engine.
  3. First NFT directly accessed by a Apple/Google wallet – Working with BambuMeta’s proprietary NFT system, guests can get their loyalty NFT directly deposited into the wallet they already have and trust on their phone.

In addition to the above, there is a Studio feature in the Juicyverse that allows creators to build their own 3D model out of Starburst candies in a 20x20x20 space and share it in 3D and enter to win their creation as an official NFT.

MetaVRse is super proud of the work their team did to move the entire industry forward with this new activation and TheMall.

TRY THE JUICYVERSE AT: STARBURST.COM (Only available in US – use a VPN if required)

STARBURST® Juicyverse Deployment

  • The Juicyverse is a Web-based 3D metaverse world designed to engage the users with interactive and immersive activities connecting them with the STARBURST® brand.
  • The Juicyverse deployed on Mac computers, PCs, Android & iPhone devices newer than 2020.
  • Once users onboard and add their Juicyverse Pass, accessing Floor 2 in TheMall as an avatar, landing on the STARBURST® Facade, Home, Studio, Show & Starcade Chews all connected to give users the ability to move in the Juicyverse and explore the chews.
  • Each STARBURST® Chew provides an experience to access the activities including the in-world 3D Studio editor to build their entry for the Juicyverse contest.
The Mars-Wrigley Metaverse is located on approximately 200,000 square feet of the 1 million total on Floor 2 of TheMall and hosts the STARBURST® Juicyverse.

Stepping into the STARBURST® Juicyverse

The STARBURST® Juicyverse includes The Lobby (Facade), Studio, Show & Starcade covering a 383’ x 307’ x 100’ space of the 1 Million sq ft Floor space.

Guests may enter the Juicyverse directly from

When the user lands on Floor 2 of TheMall, A UFO hovers, a tentacle moves through the window and the black hole opens up the Facade entrance to the Juicyverse allowing the user to enter and explore the virtual space.


Guests land on the HOME Chew after portaling through the Facade. A fly through video shows them what there is to do and discover in the Juicyverse.

The tentacle that greeted them at the Facade randomly emerges from the floor, and the UFO passes by in the distant galaxy.

Guests can enter the Portals to the Studio, the Starcade, and Show to explore the rest of the Juicyverse.


The Starcade offers guests 5 different experiences.

Guests can pick up a Juicyverse T-shirt for their avatar to wear at the Vending machine. The Disco has dancing avatars – with serious moves – and a floor that lights up in sync with each of the 4 flavor-themed musical selections.

The Shop entertains with a STARBURST® promotional video and entices with product displays and info on where to buy.

In the Photobooth guests can snap a selfie with their choice of 2 juicy backgrounds and share on their socials.


Juicyverse Lost & Found Web3 3D Scavenger Hunt

A fun and rewarding activity in the Juicyverse Starcade is a Web3 Scavenger Hunt in which guests are floating in space with asteroids and other treasures.

By finding and clicking on each of 8 objects, guests earn a sweet reward coupon that is instantly delivered to the Juicyverse pass in their Google or Apple wallet by Bambumeta, powered by Hedera!

Web3 & the Juicyverse Pass

Users are able to collect a reward ($0.50 off a package of STARBURST® in store) from the Starcade by finding all items in the 3D Scavenger Hunt

Get Lost in Space Reward Web3/NFT Coupon Activation with Bambumeta

STUDIO Core Features

Record player with 4 choices of songs

Interactive wall with 4 creation templates to choose from

Stargazer window


Innovative STARBURST®-themed 3D creation platform

2 ways to create: from template or free play

Guest submits for approval and contest consideration

If approved, guest can share their creation

Timing system limits creators to 1 submission per day


  • Curtain that opens to reveal video
  • Inspirational/informational video
  • Pedestals for contest entries
  • Neon sign backdrop
  • Influencer Designs to be Added
  • SHOW Phase 2 to be deployed May 23rd
  • SHOW Phase 3 to be deployed May 31st

STARBURST® Juicyverse Technical Specifications

  • Juicyverse is built on MetaVRse Engine 2.0
  • Cross OS, Device & Browser Support
    • iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS
    • Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
    • Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.
  • Google SSO & Email Registration
  • Juicyverse uses Hedera blockchain
  • Juicyverse uses Apple/Google wallet
  • Available to U.S. Residents only
  • Contest for U.S. Residents only


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