Smart Home Solutions: VR Promo Application

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Smart Home Solutions: VR Promo Application

Smart Home Solutions: VR Promo Application

Client – Grenton

Grenton company is a producer behind very popular yet highly advanced Smart Home systems, providing clients with remote control tools for every type of household.


Intelligent technologies are surrounding us on everyday basis – on the road, at work, and – most importantly – at home. Of course, we can easily stop just on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets as they keep us company wherever and whenever we need them. But it’s not just about habits-learning browsers and personalized apps – it’s about the potential to change our surroundings, even in terms of overall living.

Right now, there is a serious smart home market growing. More and more people are interested in finding comfortable and easy solutions to manage their inner electrical system. While being connected to our house and plugged devices (like security cameras, washing machine, AC, and hi-fi audio systems), smart home apps help us remotely turn them on and off, using just the internet connection.

But even though this type of technology is nowadays easily accessible and more affordable than before, the innovation behind it makes many potential clients uncertain about the quality and utility level that it offers. That’s why Giant Lazer teamed up with GoodCase (marketing agency working with Grenton) and Flying Carpet studio in order to create a high-quality, virtual reality application that would show those who are still uncertain that smart home technology can fit perfectly for anybody.

Giant Lazer’s main objective was to present all kinds of features that Grenton’s smart home app holds, including control of various devices and home utilities, considering different situations, spaces, and user preferences.

First of all, Giant Lazer have created a high standard VR home with modern and fashionable living space, as well as the outside “vacation” environment for an “out of home” scenario. Home decor alone was meant to be a reflection of smart and contemporary thinking behind the advertised product, creating a natural and stylish atmosphere.

To fully display the versatility of Grenton’s application, Giant Lazer have assigned every room or wider space to different activities. During each one of them, the user can have control of:

– lights in the dining room, living room, the hall, and so on, deciding not only about the brightness level but also about the color of LED lamps,

– hi-fi audio system, deciding on which song he wants to play and about playback volume level,

– video playback, choosing between TV or Netflix if the device is turned on,

– video intercom, security system, as well as the setting of blinds and thermostat.

With that wide set of tools, everyone can enjoy the experience of having a smart home system installed and running. With the choice of immersive medium comes the feeling of really trying out all the prepared solutions in close-to-natural circumstances.


Giant Lazer’s developers and designers have really mastered the architectural and home-decor aspects of creating VR products. The final version of the Grenton application has been showed on professional conferences in Germany and Spain, among others.

The quality of presented application is also a direct result of very good communication with GoodCase and Flying Carpet teams, which were really helpful throughout whole creative process. Their constructive opinions and attention to detail have made it smooth and easy – natural even.

COMPANY: Giant Lazer

By | March 4, 2022

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