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Dinosaurs are one of the most marvel-worthy examples of prehistoric life on Earth. Yet, as fascinated as humans are by these creatures, we rarely get to interact with them in meaningful ways. Sure, you can visit the nearest Museum of History, but seeing plastic sculptures just isn’t enough to quench the desire to see a real, live dinosaur. People crave a more realistic experience.




Cubicle Ninjas wanted to change this narrative and make the world of dinosaurs much more interactive and realistic… and therefore, much more fun. Enter RoAR: a one of a kind, intimate experience with some of the most impressive creatures to ever grace this planet. Not only is it awe-inspiring to see these animals in such impressive detail, to scale, and so close up, but it’s also an informative experience that acts as a valuable learning opportunity.







Dinosaurs have been dead for a long, long time, yet humans remain fascinated by them to this day. Bringing these animals back to life for a modern audience was a daunting, but worthwhile task. Creating plastic replicas or hanging up a set of bones just doesn’t cut it anymore! The audience needed something more to witness how these creatures truly moved, breathed, and lived. While science is clearly a long way from making a real-life dinosaur, there was potential to create this experience virtually. But how?






After careful consideration, it became clear that augmented reality (AR) was the answer. As such, Cubicle Ninjas mobilized to bring dinosaurs back to life with cutting-edge AR technology. With only the use of a smartphone, the RoAR application allows users to watch as massive dinosaurs take over their real-world environments. Simply move the smartphone around in any direction, wherever you are, to discover dinosaurs and watch them move around whatever environment you’re already in.





The user can walk around to see different angles of the dinosaur, take screenshots to show their friends their adventures, and scan the room to discover more and more animals. This is highly interactive and engaging, making it a welcome change from how we normally observe dinosaurs- just looking at a bunch of bones! This allows the user to observe realistic flesh and behaviour, which is so much more valuable as a learning experience.






Each of the dinosaurs was created as a 3D model that has the capacity to interact with whatever environment the user is in. Designed with accurate colors, patterns, structures, textures, and movements, this experience appears to be incredibly realistic. The app demonstrates hyper-realistic pterodactyls flying around the room, triceratops charging at the user, and velociraptors hunting around the environment. There are multiple types of dinosaurs available for discovery, including the most popular, like the Alamosaurus, and some intriguing lesser known species, such as the Utahraptor. Each 3D model is as detailed as the next and has its own unique behaviors to perform for the user. This makes for a captivating experience and one that the user will return to again and again, to observe the dinosaurs in different environments.




As an added touch, as the user watches the animals, the app features informational callouts, including the animal’s name, scientific name, diet, weight, length, and period. This allows users to learn more about their favorite creatures and provides clarity about some of the lesser-known dinosaurs.




Having the prehistoric world come to life at your fingertips is a thrill that was never available to the consumer market before RoAR. Getting up close and personal to interact with living, breathing, and moving ancient dinosaurs in the environment of your choice is absolutely mesmerizing. Cubicle Ninjas shattered all expectations by merging new AR capabilities with some of the oldest creatures known to man.





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AR, Entertainment, Training February 21, 2020 by Alvin Manalac