Progressive VR Trade Show Experience


Virtual Reality Trade Show Experience

Title sponsor of the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association 2018 Boat Shows series, Progressive Insurance, approached NEXT/NOW and agency partner MatchMG to create an original Virtual Reality Trade Show Experience as a centerpiece to their boathouse themed Exhibit that included a live DJ, on-call experts, and a RC Boat launch.







NEXT/NOW designed and created “The Progressive LAKE DASH VR Trade Show Experience”, a race against time featuring an actual steering wheel, throttle, and advanced sensors that mapped and digitized users hands into the game.

Attendees registered with Brand ambassadors where they provided contact info and details about their current provider. Users then strapped on a pair of Oculus Rift goggles and were transported to a virtual lake where they raced for the fastest score while sailing through checkpoints, collecting power boosts, and avoiding obstacles.





Players entered their name on the leaderboard to see how they sized up against other racers competing in the Virtual Reality Trade Show experience.

On track to clear over 20,000 users. “The Progressive LAKE DASH VR Trade Show Experience” has proven itself a powerful attractor and a successful digital activation for Progressive Insurance.





STUDIO: Next/Now

VR, Entertainment, Marketing November 30, 2019 by Alvin Manalac