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Pro Baseball VR

Pro Baseball VR

The Most Realistic VR Baseball Game

Hit the ball with a real bat and feel like a baseball star


Full-blown virtual reality baseball game with an exciting gameplay for professional players and newbies as well.

“Implementing VR technology has demonstrated successful results in skill acquisition and coaching, as well as limitations in terms of efficient technology and constraints on the user.”
Research by Oliver R.L. Farley, Kirsten Spencer, Livvie Baudinet

About Project

Playing sport games with VR goggles makes you feel like a player on the field, but is that the limit? How to make the game not only exciting but also pump skills of the player to prepare for a real match. Putting our technical understanding and creativity to work, SmartTek have created a baseball game simulator that allows us to hit the ball with a real bat on a field surrounded by crowds of fans. All to make training not only fun but useful and safe as well.

Bat with VIVE Tracker

VIVE Tracker brings real world object to your virtual world! Add it to your favorite bat to play baseball like on the field. Get an incredible experience!


Pro Baseball VR provides a very authentic visualization of a baseball stadium, where the user is facing a pitcher on a life-size field. Visual effects, sounds, light – Smart Tek had to work out every detail to make the genuine game experience.

Since the batting technique in baseball is unique, Smart Tek’s main challenge was to develop the most realistic physics of hitting the ball. Besides, the trajectory of the ball also has to be accurate as it affects where the ball lands and how many points the player scores.


Smart Tek came up with an idea to implement a virtual reality immersive baseball game that allows everyone to play while hearing a supportive crowd and feeling the game spirit. As soon as batters wear VR headset and take their bats they materialize into the stadium, get ready, and hit the ball! Player’s points are displayed on a virtual scoreboard.

Players can select which bat they can play. They can use a controller or attach a Vive tracker to a real bat and experience the real power of the hit.


Smart Tek team created a full-fledged baseball game with the life-like physics of batting. Pro Baseball VR can be used by professional baseball players as well as beginners to improve their batting skills and have fun. Due to the possibility of using a real bat players can achieve maximum inclusion in the game as well as practice hitting techniques in VR rooms or even at home.

Where you can try Pro VR Baseball

VR rooms
VR Pro Baseball is a unique game where players can not only use the controller, but also a real bat! Your customers will appreciate it!

VR arcades
Discover new facets of interaction with the game through the use of a real beat. Let your customers feel like baseball stars!

At home
Want to practice the right punches, but don’t have the space or time? Practice right in the living room. Minimum devices, maximum fun!


By | July 2, 2021

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