Porsche – Hall of Legends

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Porsche – Hall of Legends

Porsche – Hall of Legends

AIXR VRAwards 2019 ‘VR Marketing of the Year’ finalist

End of 2017 Porsche knocked at the door of Nerdindustries. They had seen the VR solutions Nerdindustries had done for Reload,  Volkswagen and Villeroy & Boch. And now they were looking for VR game for themselves. Not just a VR application which are usually used for marketing purposes but a fully triple A style adventure game that should introduce the audience into the long history of Porsche in motorsports.







Porsche will take part in Formula E in 2020. For that they planned an international VR road show to introduce themselves to the motorsports audience. Within the next 10 months Nerdindustries created together with UDG Ludwigsburg a breath-taking VR game. And premiered it at a holy place: the 24h race in Le Mans.





Since this was a great success, Porsche started off a road show that will go on until 2020 all over the world. Next stop was Basel, then Leguna Seca in the US, they shipped the VR experience to Thailand and China as well. At least Nerdindustries created a pipeline and easy-to-use workflow so that each market is able to set up the VR experience for themselves.





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By | January 24, 2020

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