Nofruit Designs Viewer

Dutch Rose Media

Nofruit is an online webshop for custom designed indoor & outdoor pillows, furniture and lamps. With the online editor, customers can create a design of their own liking, adjusting almost every aspect of the design.





Dutch Rose Media and Nofruit teamed up to create an unique Augmented Reality app that allows customers to see their custom made designed in their own living space, even before actually ordering it. This way customers can adjust their design to the actual size and see how it will fit in their interior or their garden.





Customers can design their own pillow or piece of furniture with the online Nofruit editor. Then download the Nofruit Designs Viewer app and log in with their account. They’ll be able to place their own design with Augmented Reality. The app was designed for a marker version, ARKit and was the first ARCore that allows customers to place their custom designs in AR. For the high-end version Dutch Rose Media use ARKit and ARCore that allows customers to place their custom designs in AR without the need of a marker.





First version was launched in March 2018. Through testing phases and design and development sprints Dutch Rose Media already launched multiple new versions of the app.



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AR, Marketing, Retail August 3, 2019 by Alvin Manalac