Monsieur De Chanel Mixed Reality App

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Monsieur De Chanel Mixed Reality App

Monsieur De Chanel Mixed Reality App


Chanel as a global luxury brand is traditionally thought of as women’s fashion and watch brand, was looking to introduce their new mens watch to a new audience with the Monsieur de CHANEL Mixed Reality App.


CHANEL collaborated with Mass ideation to introduce their first Mens watch the Monsieur de CHANEL. CHANEL looked to Mass ideation to tell the story behind the cutting edge watch technology with an innovative way of telling stories, Mixed Reality.


Mi worked closely with the CHANEL team to create an interactive speech based navigation with the Microsoft Hololens that allowed the Monsieur de CHANEL story to be told and when certain words or phrases were said the application would trigger different experiences.

COMPANY: Mass Ideation Agency

By | July 8, 2021

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