LEGO Hidden Side Web AR


  • Find LEGO Hidden Side ghosts in this interactive AR play experience and capture them before they get away!
  • Take pictures of the captured ghosts to share with friends and family. Can you catch all three?
  • Players can search for more ghosts by finding and scanning QR codes placed throughout LEGO stores, in addition to print materials that allow play at home





In coordination with LEGO Retail’s digital strategy, Trigger has developed another groundbreaking project, the LEGO Hidden Side Web AR Demo, which brings augmented reality into the retail environment. In it, store customers can experience their first taste of LEGO’s new AR-enabled product line, LEGO Hidden Side, which creates a relevant and engaging first touchpoint to inspire exploration among kids and adults alike, and to eventually promote sales.





The Hidden Side game, built on 8th Wall’s innovative web AR platform, is activated by scanning a QR code inside a LEGO retail store. Users do not need to download an app to play; instead they can jump straight into the experience using their mobile web browser. Through interactive tap-to-shoot gameplay, users search for ghosts floating in the AR space in order to stun and capture them. The demo incorporates high quality 3D characters and animations for an engaging game experience.



STUDIO: Trigger

AR, Entertainment, Marketing May 14, 2020 by Alvin Manalac