Exoplanet Explorers 2

AIXR VRAwards 2019 ‘VR Education and Training of the Year’ finalist

What lies beyond our solar system? Are there other Earth-like planets? How far can we go in terms of space discovery? Now, we know not only that planets exist orbiting stars other than the Sun, but also that they are likely more numerous than the stars in the sky, presenting a diverse range of environments. Current research has shown us that some of these distant worlds are potentially able to support liquid water, and therefore life.





To tell this extraordinary story, Engine House VFX teamed up with the astrophysics team at the University of Exeter to create a unique exoplanet discovery experience in VR and 360. Exoplanet Explorers 2 transports the viewer on a journey into the future as they explore new environments and destinations, allowing them to imagine what exploring these planets might be like. Scientifically informed, the experience builds on the success of a previous video which introduces the scientific research teaching us about exoplanets. This previous video now has more than 7 million views on YouTube and was celebrated as a Lovie Award winner in 2018.





The idea behind Exoplanet Explorers 2 is to inspire a new generation of scientists. Engine House VFX and University of Exeter want people to learn and get inspired, creating an emotional link between them and space, showing them that, whatever their background, they can aspire to careers in this field. Through immersive technologies, Engine House VFX created an inspiring video for young audiences to access at school or from their own phone, tablet or computer. The high-quality photo-realistic visuals were created in-house following guidance and feedback from researchers informed by real research data. Exoplanet Explorers 2 is unique because we use 360 high-resolution visuals to make this experience as realistic and immersive as possible. Engine House VFX also bring to life environments that have never been witnessed by the human eye. This has never been done before.





Exoplanet Explorers 2 is a game-changing immersive experience that builds upon a successful first video and a partnership based on trust and passion – for storytelling, stunning visuals and space. This video is not only a display of impressive technical feats, it also holds the powerful message that any young person can aspire to professional careers in space. Because the experience is immersive and realistic, it makes space accessible as well as fascinating and inspiring.





STUDIO: Engine House VFX

VR, Entertainment, Training January 9, 2020 by Alvin Manalac