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Exellys – Go for Gold

Exellys – Go for Gold

Exellys’ single mission is to attract, develop and retain top IT talent in your company. They match the ambition of talent with your business goals. Not being a recruitment agency nor a consultancy agency. A different breed. They are IT talent integrators.


It’s a rough and rugged road from signing a graduate to creating a highly professional and profitable Future-fit Digital Leader. Exellys solves all that. It’s their sole focus to attract young IT talents and nurture them towards excellence. This is why Exellys – an IT talent integrator – requested us to create a digital VR experience to engage with their target audience. Throughout a compelling storyline inside of a pinball machine, young talents are immersed in Exellys’ path to excellence.


What exactly was the outcome of using VR at job fairs? Yondr client Exellys participated in less events (-25%) but they received 70% more visitors throughout events. Also Exellys received a higher quality in applications because the virtual reality experience was an experience which remained top of mind.


By | February 24, 2018

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