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Enterprise Virtual Adoption

Enterprise Virtual Adoption

As the global leader in 3D simulation software & virtual market research methodologies for retail, InContext worked with a major CPG manufacturer to help them implement widespread VR adoption for their in-store strategies, laying the groundwork for future operational applications.

The brand began the virtual journey by testing hypotheses on new category concepts relating to:
• Package type
• Package design
• Pricing S
• KU assortment
• Shelf layout

They were able to quickly mine deep insights relating to each proposed concept and take decisive action. InContext provided a 9x return on their investment.

In one example, the manufacturer conducted a virtual test to predict the instore impact of major brands leading the aisle vs. current shelf. The major brand lead performed better across all 4 metrics: Dollar Sales, % of shoppers purchasing crackers, dollars /Shopper, and % of shopper agreeing the shelf is more shoppable.

The manufacturer then measured success over time with in-store tests. They were able to prove their initial hypothesis correct. Once the manufacturer proved the hypothesis with both virtual testing and in-store validation, they were able to establish a strategy going forward.

Revolutionizing Sales Training through Virtual

The brand then scaled their investment in virtual by integrating employee development and training, veering away from traditional learning methods and partnering with InContext to launch a virtual training program.

VR in Sales New Hire Training

Sales representatives are expected to conduct a standard store call process. By leveraging virtual technology, they can tailor the actual store environment to conduct operational training for new hires in a safe learning environment.

The manufacturer is now in talks to continue scaling up their virtual investments with virtual innovation centers, sales tools, and further virtual enterprise integrations.

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By | July 19, 2021

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