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Virtual reality is beginning to be embraced by some of the world’s leading companies as a powerful sales tool to sell both their products and services. It enables companies to give potential clients a unique opportunity to experience and better understand their product or service, before they make a decision to buy. With ENGAGE, bespoke virtual versions of your products can be developed, based on your specifications and requirements. In addition, corporate sales presentations can be created, streamed and re-used, while remote team members can be invited to join your sales sessions.





Sales teams are realizing the power of VR.

“Virtual demonstrations are helping companies to sell everything from construction equipment to medical services. As the hardware becomes more and more affordable, this type of selling will undoubtedly gain further traction. Sales teams are beginning to realize the power of VR and how it can be used to achieve their goals inside and out of the boardroom.”
– David Whelan



Sales can be an expensive, time-consuming aspect of every business. Sales professionals travel regularly for new business development, new product/service introduction, to support retail and distribution networks and to continue to forge strong business relationships. Easy access to clients and suppliers is a competitive advantage for any business so issues with flight disruptions, train delays, and schedule conflicts, can have significant cost implications to a company. Finding a way to overcome these challenges is critical.






ENGAGE offers a solution to get your sales teams in front of a client, without the added expense of flights and hotels. Having a solution that gives corporate prospects a firsthand experience of how your product or service works is critical.



By utilizing the ENGAGE platform, businesses like yours have the opportunity to import a model of your product into an environment of your choice. This means you have an opportunity to demonstrate how it works, what it looks like (in a virtual setting of your choice) and how it could benefit your prospect. Imagine if the product you are selling is on a massive industrial scale. This gives your prospect the opportunity to view something up-close and personal. In addition, you can remove a lot of additional costs by not requiring every member to be in the room during the time of the meeting.






It’s important that the client gets a feel for the product on offer and also gets to meet the entire team. Meetings will be booked quicker as there is no need to worry about schedules. It’s as simple as organizing a Skype call. This means more meetings can be booked and more demonstrations can be achieved, at less cost to the company.

STUDIO: VR Education Holdings PLC

VR, Marketing, Retail May 3, 2020 by Alvin Manalac