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Conhecer Almeida

Conhecer Almeida

Almeida is a small town in the interior of Portugal, whose castle was destroyed in 1810, at the beginning of the III French invasion.

How can a town attract tourists if its main attraction hasn’t existed for over 200 years?

X-Plora’s team was asked to solve this problem. Their proposal was: what if, through X-Plora, tourists could travel back in time, all the way to the XIX century and see the long-gone Almeida castle, the folks, the mood of those long-gome times?

Said and done. X-Plora delivered a multi-solution self-guided tour, in and around the historical village of Almeida, providing a rich experience that takes visitors on a journey to the long lost past.

“Put on your armor, download the app, and depart on this adventure. “

Among many contents and experiences created for the “Conhecer Almeida” app, X-Plora’s team recreated from scratch the old castle, now in 3D and available through Augmented Reality. Based on historical documents, X-Plora re-did the entire structure of the old castle, allowing visitors, on site, to see the original structure. An old corridor was also created, allowing users to walk in the interior.

All this, directly from the smartphone. A great example of how the X-Plora framework enhances the user experience.


By | October 20, 2021

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