Compass Polish AR app


The AR applications that BLUF have developed accelerate the work process, help with learning and training or put a smile on the face of the customer!





Augmented Reality experiences are very engaging. This can help a company with sales & marketing issues, or improving training and educational material. Augmented Reality has also proven to be a technology within industry and corporate environments that can accelerate processes and visualize them better.





Since the arrival of augmented reality SDKs for Apple (ARKit) and Google (ARcore), it is possible to develop AR experiences for iPhone, Android devices and tablets. With this, millions of devices are ‘AR ready’ in one fell swoop, and therefore potential reach for the application of your organization. BLUF’s team knows all about the possibilities within these SDKs and are happy to help determine the right course and the development of required application.





A swimming pool in your garden!

Have you always wanted to know if a swimming pool is something for your garden? With the Compass Pools AR app you can view different models in augmented reality. Swipe through the different color combinations, experience the size (life size) and take a picture of your configuration! We developed this application with Apple ARKit for iOS.











AR, Marketing, Retail September 1, 2019 by Alvin Manalac