Bugatti Chiron Configurator



Automotive and AEC industries are one of the busiest sectors in global business putting a lot of attention into 3D visualizations. In recent years, Real-Time technology has boomed exponentially with its growing demand for interactive configurators and training solutions. That originated an idea of the web-based solutions (WebGL) with its access to the wider audience and potential users. However, there is still limited access to real-time interactive platforms giving not much room for players who would want to produce hyper-realistic visuals, which are crucial in this industry.

One of them is a fully interactive 3D virtual show and the real-time customizable configurators. PureWeb, the company behind the 3D cloud-scale streaming technology, is looking for ways to optimize huge 3D data and stream it online without any limitations. However, the internet speed in some parts of the globe can still be an issue when viewing high-quality 3D mesh!





To tackle this problem, the data which is streamed online either must be reduced or well optimized for the internet usage. Depending on the content, the data can significantly bring the internet speed either up or down. This can be due to the size of textures or complex real-time lighting relying on Ray Tracing capabilities. Another limitation is the use of phones and tablets to run demos by customers as it would require UI system optimization.

Content can be difficult to manage if there are no right tools at hand especially in case of exposing a large and intricate detailing.






Thanks to the partnership with PureWeb, Madac Threepointzero was able to revolutionize the work method and utilize tools to simplify projects without the major loss in overall 3D quality.

With the use of the Unreal 4 game engine, the workflow of real-time interactivity has been improved and our experience in the game industry gave Madac Threepointzero a basis to achieve hyper-realistic results with no loss to user interface satisfaction of the product.





The new lighting features inside Unreal 4 enhanced the quality and boosted the frame rate significantly in Madac Threepointzero’s AEC demos. Issues with CAD and high polygon models were lessened allowing their team to focus on modifying and creating new realistic shaders for Bugatti as well as Condo architecture demo. Most tech demos that require internet connection need to be very well distributed across all the networks, making sure that demo is running at least 120 frames per second (FPS)! Nevertheless, PureWeb runs our demos very well at different internet speed connections.






Automotive and architecture applications became vital tools to visualize the product taking part in the new technological movement encouraging business players to take part in. It is only a matter of time when most online businesses will be using this system in their everyday business as part of their marketing strategies.





Both Bugatti and Condo configurators are available on PureWeb platform.

STUDIO: threepointzero

VR, Automotive, Retail June 26, 2020 by Alvin Manalac