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Sector 5 Digital


Even if Bell brings physical aircraft to events, showing the various interiors and configurations poses logistical issues. Let’s allow users to not only select the aircraft they would like to take a virtual flight in, but also allow them to pick which industry the interior is configured to facilitate. Sector 5 Digital (S5D) need a solution to offer to a variety of buyers from different areas, but still engage with their specific interest in a meaningful way.






S5D created an all in one solution, where a user can select the type of aircraft and the configuration from a large panel in front of the user. Each of the aircrafts animate onto the rooftop in front of the user when selected and then a flight begins, showing and talking through the unique offerings of the selected cabin. This also allowed the user to fly in the FCX-001, an aircraft designed in VR and launched alongside our VR application






The commercial sales team at Bell still uses the tool today and find it much easier to transport a VR setup instead of a helicopter. After this experience was built, Bell has been able to use it as a sales tool, but also use the assets created in this experience across other business units. Because S5D created all of the 3D assets from scratch, this experience has become a library to pull commercial aircraft models from to reuse in future experiences at Bell.



STUDIO: Sector 5 Digital

VR, Marketing, Retail April 18, 2020 by Alvin Manalac