During the “Work from home”-times all FMCG/CPG manufacturers are having hard time with testing new designs of their products or any other branding. So for many of them that means switching to remote studies.

Thing is, remote studies have been pretty, well… lame, for a while now. Without being face to face with someone and the product in front of you, it’s difficult to gain qualitative insight into what customers really think. While participating in a remote study might be an extrovert’s idea of a good time right now, conversations are going to be skewed toward how everyone is coping with the changes (not invaluable, but not great either if you’re trying to get feedback on product packaging). Remote surveys via video or form aren’t engaging, and plenty of people will rush through them so they can do something more interesting away from the computer.






Everybody needs to innovate to get genuine insights from customers who are engaged with our studies. Traditional methods aren’t going to cut it – but AR? AR is exciting, even for those in quarantine who can’t work from home and are simply doing anything and everything to pass the time. AR solutions allow customers to test new packaging designs and new branding elements through participants’ mobile devices as if the product is right there on their kitchen table. While every other study is on pause, AR makes it possible to start a new study quickly and get insights ASAP, while all other companies are spinning their wheels.

Impulse Machine released AR-solution called ARtifact. They give companies the capability to direct study participants to an app they download, which uses their camera to see a 3D object on their screen. Once they’ve looked at the object from every angle, they fill out a questionnaire and all responses are uploaded to our server and processed with SPSS, which we provide with Excel spreadsheets and insight reports.





But that’s not all – even if AR sounds innovative, it just a part of the approach Impulse Machine has – with eye-tracking feature FMCG/CPS companies don’t only get the survey data, but also has an opportunity to get a heat maps on the objects they test. Truly game changer!

The result? A study completed as if it were in-person, without any personal contact at all.Impulse Machine is proud of how ARtifact is helping companies keep moving forward in a time of crisis.

STUDIO: Impulse Machine

AR, Marketing, Training May 3, 2020 by Alvin Manalac