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AR Jaguar Car Showroom

AR Jaguar Car Showroom

About Project

Augmented Reality Jaguar Car Showroom is an augmented reality app for iOS and Android platforms that recreates the lifelike experience of examining a real-sized luxury vehicle in any location, providing users a unique chance to check out the desired car without visiting a salon. Developed as a showcase solution it allows car brands to demonstrate autos to their clients all over the world.  

AR Jaguar app has been created by the AVRspot and Polygon CGI.


Augmented Reality Jaguar Car Showroom would provide a highly realistic visualization of the luxury vehicle, bringing the automotive showroom on a platter to the customer. The virtual experience would resemble the real-life situation — users would be able to rotate, move, enter inside and even divide it into parts. By entering inside, potential car owners would see the car interior.


The application enables an easy and fast experience thanks to Unreal Engine. The solution can significantly facilitate the marketing campaign or to visualize car models and variants in a different and more effective way.  

Customers can hold a phone camera in front of them and visualize a car. With just a few swipes, it is possible to rotate, change the color, scale, zoom, and choose the wheels. The user is able to see in how the car looks inside (steering wheel, rev counter, sat nav, gear level, and other components). 

In addition, users can see the car in motion just by using joysticks at the bottom of a screen.


SmartTek’s highly experienced developers and 3D artists have managed to create an astonishing product that puts an unforgettable AR experience right at user’s fingertips (and straight onto their mobile device) and eliminates the need of the physical presence of a person in a certain place.


By | July 2, 2021

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