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ARducation is an Edutainment platform, offering accurate knowledges and experiences in augmented reality, interacting directly with children.

Making appear educative information and contents in 3 dimensions will help kids to better understand and sensitize themselves to the world they live in.







ARducation gives the chance to discover many interactive subjects and information to keep aware of the state of our planet, from survival of plant, animal and human species, energy sources, innovations, space discovery, etc.

Thanks to Bemersive’s Cloud-Based XR solution Realmersive Editor, kids will easily access and discover a new way to understand important subjects that every children on Earth should be aware of.





Key features :

  • Enjoying while learning : it’s not lessons, but interactions between kids and knowledge
  • Accuration : Information and contents are validated by professionals of education
  • Adaptation : ARducation recall Social Networks and video games usages, with accessible interfaces, 3D animations, video contents and interactions
  • Limitless : everything is streamed in the Cloud, ARducation provide infinitely and continuously new contents and interactivities
  • Agile and compatible : ARducation can be installed on actual and future augmented reality devices : smartphones, tablets, and future AR goggles





STUDIO: Bemersive

By | December 20, 2019

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