Apollo 11 HD

Apollo 11 HD is the story of the greatest journey ever taken by humankind. Now you can experience this historic event through the eyes of those who lived it.


One Giant Leap For Education

Using a mix of original archive audio and video together with accurate recreations of the spacecraft and locations, all set to inspirational music. Get set for an experience that will not only educate you but will also leave a lasting impression and deep respect for the men and women who worked on the Apollo program during NASA’s golden era.





Apollo 11 HD is a new type of documentary, not only do you get to relive the events of 1969, you can also take control and fly the command module, land the lunar lander, explore the Moon’s surface and deploy the lunar experiments all before returning to earth in a fiery re-entry.

Take one small step today and climb aboard Apollo 11 for the journey of a lifetime.





Original Archive Audio & Video

Accurate recreations of spaceships and locations mixed with archive audio and video to give a sense of what the journey was truly like.


Become Part of the Apollo Crew

Experience what it felt like to be part of the Apollo 11 crew and join them on board the Saturn V for man’s first mission to the moon.





Land the Lunar Module on the Moon

Take control of the lunar module and land it on the moon’s surface, reliving the events of July 20th 1969.


Explore the Moon Landing Site

Explore the moon landing site and deploy the lunar experiments all before returning to Earth





“The best VR experience I’ve had! This is just gold. Buy it. Now. I’m serious!”
– Albert Vegara – Oculus Rift

“Extraordinary! After getting my Oculus and trying out a bunch of games, I still felt like I was missing something. I just didn’t know what it was until I found Apollo 11. It is not a game; it is an experience. It’s so nice to just sit back and enjoy something beautiful like this.”
– GT FreeFlyer – Oculus Rift





“Absolutely amazing… and well-worth the price. I am a HUGE fan of this title. If you’re into space travel and/or space history, you need this title in your library. The cabins are gorgeous, I feel like I was there. It’s given me a much greater appreciation for what it must have been like for the Apollo astronauts.”
– Scjenks72 – Oculus RIft

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