Alif and Sofia

Alif and Sofia is a project very different from any other project that Live Animations created, even though they have 5 years of experience in creating augmented reality content for children books. Alif and Sofia is more than just children’s favorite fairytale brought to life in AR. It is a project that merges culture, history, tradition, and technology into a one-of-kind experience that stimulates learning and amazes at the same time.




Alif and Sofia is a project that includes two AR books, with the two child characters crazy-popular in the Muslim world, and shatters the stereotype about Islam as a conservative religion unwelcoming to everything new, bringing innovation into religious education. Live Animations created the AR content for the two books strictly following the canons and regulations of Islam, working closely on animations and poses with our client Big Bad Wolf – the biggest book fair of Asia held regularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries.

Having two popular children characters – the boy Alif and the girl Sofia – on their hands, Live Animations’ client wanted to create a book that goes beyond simply teaching Muslim tradition to Asian kids, but uses technology to make that education engaging, creative, and maximally effective. As a solution, Live Animations created 12 AR animations for each book that lead kids step-by-step through the process of praying and conclude with a colorful jolly dance with both characters.





Due to the gender-related aspects of Islam, the book for boys and the book for girls had a few key differences in the praying process and in the characters appearance, which Live Animations also reflected with precision in their AR content.

Live Animations also created an original mobile app for iOS and Android so that kids or their parents could download it for free and use it to enjoy AR content played on the book’s pages. To make it even more authentic and culturally-precise for the end user, Live Animations even incorporated the compass into the app that shows the direction that a user should face to look at the sacred Mecca.





It took 8 months to design and develop the project that brings together one of the most conservative cultures and innovation. The project was met with excitement at the release at Big Bad Wolf Expo 2019, with 200 000 books copies printer and the number of in-app interactions exceeding 300k per hour hours on the launch day.








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