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I am co-founder, 3D-artist and responsible for most of administration at Weltenweber, a studio that creates VR-experiences for education and medical purposes. We want to use the power and potential of VR to make the world a better place, to make learning and therapy easier and more fun. We are gamedesigners so we know how to implement storytelling, usability and user guidance into our projects. We always aim for a high graphic standard and put a lot of love in the details and the atmosphere. Before founding Weltenweber I met the others at university studying gamedesign and working in an consulting agency on a mobile game app.

Dominica Wester

Dominica Wester

How did you guys get into VR ?

– We met at university during our gamedesign studies. After graduation we started working in the same consulting agency and developed a mobile game. Our boss at that time bought a HTC Vive just for fun and for test purposes and when we tried it, we were impressed. We immediately thought: this has so much potential, not only for entertainment but for education, social, cultural and medical fields as well! Since our background is in the video game development we knew how to create content for VR and to enable a fun and exciting user experience. We decided to start our own company and a few months later we founded Weltenweber.

What is it like working with you guys? What can I as a customer expect in terms of communication and collaboration?

– Before we start working on a project, there are two main aspects to keep in mind: what the customer wants and what the user wants. The customer may want to sell a product but the user wants to have an awesome VR experience and maybe learn about the product in a fun way. So we work out a concept where these two aspects are combined and then we begin. We always stay in touch with the customer and implement their wishes as much as possible, of course we offer solutions in case something they want to have is not possible. We keep the customer up to date during our progress and offer a lot of insights. After we deliver the final product we try to stay connected to get to know how the feedback of the users were. So far they were amazed by our graphic quality and the atmosphere of our scenes.

How would you describe your company culture?

– We have known each other for many years and we are not only co-founders but friends. After work we hang out and play boardgames or online games and we spend a lot of free time together. To me personally this company feels like family and I’m so happy about that! I am very grateful that I work together with people who try to create something meaningful instead of just focusing on the numbers. Some may call that naive but we think it’s time for a new approach to business.

What is your company’s core expertise?

– Weltenwebers core expertise is creating immersive VR experiences with benefits. Education, therapy, culture, social aspects, conveying these aspects through a fun and atmospheric scene combined with leading the user through our knowledge of usability and user guidance is our main focus. We have a professional education in 3D-modeling so our graphics are high quality and we can create indivídual environments for every customer.

How would you define a successful VR marketing experience?

– For us a VR experience is successful when the users know what they have to do in VR and don’t need much explanation from us or any kind of supervisor. And when they don’t want to leave the experience 😀

What is it about VR that gets you excited?

– You can get into the most abstract things. You can visualise ideas, concepts, data and be inside of it, have a look at it from within. To take the point of view of something that is impossible in real life. To see places and experience emotions that are new to you and give you a new understanding for this world and everything around us, that is the most fascinating part of VR to me.

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By | November 2, 2018