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XR Avatar Scanner

XR Avatar Scanner

XR Avatar Scanner – An AI Powered 360 3D Volumetric Scanner that Creates Personalized Experiences for Fan Engagement, Customer Activations, and Corporate Conferences.

Groove Jones’ XR Avatar Scanner™ is the next generation of audience engagement for events. Our proprietary volumetric camera system creates animated digital doubles of your guests. Then it integrates them into a personalized video, AR avatar, or customized interactive game where they are the star. It’s unlike anything else on an event floor.

Groove Jones’ scanner system scans your guests in seconds, and then we process their 3d data using AI and post-production magic to create a digital avatar double automatically. We can scan 90 people an hour on average with a unit.

They will work with you and your agency partners to create a unique guest experience that will stand out in a crowd at your next event.

What to Expect

Step 1: Get Scanned

They can scan your guest and capture a 3D copy of themselves in a second!

Step 2: Join The Action

Groove Jones then add them into an unbelievable moment with your brand front and center. They can integrate them into a fantastic video or into an interactive game where they get to play as themselves.

Step 3: Share the Moment

The XR Avatar Scanner gives your guests the content to create a viral moment perfect for sharing on any social platform like TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram.

How Does it Work?

The system is simple: your guests enter the 10′ x 10′ scanner and strike a pose.

The scanner captures their 3d data while at the same time taking multiple pictures of their body using 50 cameras. The system then automatically uses that data to create a 3D model you can share with friends.

The XR Avatar Scanner is a turn-key portable platform that includes the following:

  • XR Avatar Volumetric Scanner System
    • Full 360 Volumetric Scan
    • High-resolution Texture Capture
    • Integrated Animation Rigging Pipeline
  • Customer Acquisition Tool for User Data on Email Opt-In
  • Media Delivery System via Email or Text
  • Staffing for managing and running at your event. Groove Jones take care of everything!

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COMPANY: Groove Jones

By | September 12, 2019

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