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XR Avatar Scanner

XR Avatar Scanner

A Portable Volumetric 3d Scanner that creates fun, shareable, and personalized hologram avatars for fan engagement or customer activations.

Groove Jones’ XR AVATAR STATION is the next generation of volumetric photography; they engage people the moment they step inside the scanner. This 3d scanner will capture the dazzling vibes of you and your guests in full 360 degrees, creating an illuminating paparazzi-esque moment to be remembered forever.







The XR Avatar Station is a turn-key portable platform that includes:

  • XR Avatar Volumetric Scanner System
    • Full 360 Volumetric Scan
    • High-resolution Texture Capture
  • Customer Aquisition System
  • Media Delivery System via Email or Text
  • Staffing for managing and running at events

The system is simple: you enter the 10′ x 10′ booth-sized scanner and strike a pose. The scanner captures your 3d data while at the same time, taking multiple pictures of your body using over 90 cameras. The system then automatically stitches them together, creating a 3D model that you can share with your friends.

Version 2.0 XR Scanner capabilities continue to evolve.

Groove Jones are working on dynamic new outputs for use at activations which will include full 3d rendered environments.

Imagine getting scanned at a major sports event and being dropped onto the 50-yard line at the Super Bowl, on the center court of a Final Four or standing on the medal podium at the 2020 Olympics.

Groove Jones can now transport your guests to a moment in history or a remote location like the Taj Mahal or on a mountain top. They are exploring themes that are truly unique and never seen before. Consider being placed into a fantasy world or a zombie apocalypse. The possibilities are endless.

The Next Dimension of Discoverability

Groove Jones’ customizable XR AVATARS are ready for social sharing in a matter of minutes. They can personalize the media deliverable with customized client-branded or event branded backgrounds, 3d elements, and unique animation effects.

They are also working on introducing new custom themes abilities for their clients with advanced graphics. Below is an example.





Part of Groove Jones’ 3.0 technology will enable their scanner to integrate your data into advanced animations as well. This involves specially posed guests that can be composited into an animated scene.

Want something more advanced? Groove Jones have various levels of production capabilities including the ability to rig and animate the 3d geometry.

Below is a sample of an animated hologram used for a Snapchat social camera filter.





Ease of Use

Visitors step in and are scanned in seconds. Then they can pick their background and surrounding three-dimensional elements for their own customized social shareable media.

  • Scan time 10 Seconds.
  • Vanity photo email sent within minutes.

Shortly after they will receive their custom animated GIF or MP4 for posting.

Customer Acquisition Integration

This is a complete system, lead capture, scan, and delivery system. Groove Jones can customize their data capture system for your specific need. They can capture any specific demographic content of your user base during the registration process. Since they need the users’ email or phone number to send them their file, this is a great opportunity to get them to join your mailing list for future marketing endeavors or to ask them specific user surveys.

Momento’s that Last – 3d Collectible Miniaturized Statues of You!

Imagine receiving a 3d miniaturized statue of yourself. Groove Jones can do that too!

It doesn’t end when the event is over. Groove Jones can also offer the ability for your guests to receive highly sought after 3D printed sculptors of their XR AVATAR.

These moments will live with your guests for a lifetime, and they will always remember where they received them.

The miniaturized 3d sculptures come in 6″ and 10″ sizes. Just like your favorite action figures.

Groove Jones can create a promotion for your event that gives you the ability to give instant win or daily rewards.





As Seen at Comic-Con San Diego

FX Networks used Groove Jones’ 3d camera system to create custom XR Avatars for the FXHIBITION event at last years Comic-con in San Diego. Fans would create custom GIFs and movies by integrating their scan into a personalized scene from FX televisions shows – Archer, American Horror Story, Legion, or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

After selecting your favorite show Groove Jones captured the fan’s data in order to send them their own customized and shareable GIF or movie.





Fully Customized

Every client has unique needs that require a flexible platform that enables them to accomplish their goals. Since the XR Avatar Station is part of our GrooveTech platform, Groove Jones can customize to meet your needs. From capturing data to creating a fully branded activations, your experience will be uniquely yours.

Location-Based Activation Friendly – License It for Your Next Big Fan Engagement

Groove Jones created some of the largest location-based activations around the world and GrooveTech has helped drive the success of these events. They provide equipment and the team to run it so you can focus on what is important.





Requirements: Size Area: 10’ x 10’

  • Setup time: 6 hours
  • Power: One 500W outlet required.
  • Internet: Requires at least 30Mbps network connectivity.
  • For best results, equipment needs to be indoors in a semi-lit space. Bright lights affect the results of scanning.
  • Staffing: 2 people
  • Scan time and on-boarding 2 minutes. Average 20-25 people per hour.
  • 3D statues are not produced on-site and are sold through a 3rd party.






STUDIO: Groove Jones

By | September 12, 2019

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