Woodside Park Game

Line Creative Ltd.

This was one of Line Creative’s earliest VR projects for architecture. It ended up winning 1st place on the 2018’ CGArchitect award for Unreal Studio Experience (Film) category.







We built one online platform where you keep all project viz products for your stakeholders to watch, experience and play live in the space:

  • Still CGI’s
  • Cinematic Clip (motion)
  • Recorded Walkthrough
  • Live interactive walkthrough (Game) – PC + Virtual Reality options
  • Architecture Plans





The VR version came about after the client found the project very much visually pleasing even in real time, and wanted an effective VR option to offer stakeholders a personal, fully immersive experience.










STUDIO: Line Creative Ltd.

VR, AEC, Marketing, Real-Estate September 1, 2019 by Alvin Manalac