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Providing analysis on how automotive customers behave within immersive experiences.

The deployment of new experiences within the automotive marketplace is a direct response to changing consumer behaviour. Data aggregation and interpretation gives brands insight into the success of each experience and its facilitation of conversion. With the rapid uptake in VR as a method of vehicle discovery, ZeroLight created a real-time virtual reality analytics platform, Wisdom VR, providing analysis on how automotive customers behave within immersive experiences.





Wisdom VR allows brands and partners to see exactly what area of the vehicle potential customers explore using VR/AR/MR headsets, where they’re viewing from and for how long; including all interactions, options and upgrades chosen. The result is a comprehensive record of the entire user journey, showing every influential moment with the vehicle.

Aggregating this data reveals several trends, including the most popular journey around the vehicle, which areas of the car gain the most interest, what the most chosen configurations are and what features of the vehicle experience the highest levels of interaction.

Applications move far deeper, data can be broken down by time of day to see how users change their habits, whilst individual records allow organisations to see where anomalies lie or what the behaviour of the highest specification vehicles were to reveal trends. Records that had a higher conversion potential can be isolated and reviewed relative to those that didn’t. Experiences can then be optimised to provide a definitive experience that gives the customer exactly what they want whilst increasing ROI.





Further to optimising the experience, data can also be translated to other areas of the brands operations, directly influencing geographical understanding for supply chain and marketing material optimisation.

With ZeroLight’s data analytics platform, its customer-centric retail experiences not only reinvent automotive retail, but allow automotive brands to be far more informed in line with their customer’s needs. With Wisdom VR, VR experiences yield even more value, running efficiencies throughout the brands ecosystem.

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By | October 25, 2019

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