Victoria’s Dia De Los Muertos Bottles WebAR

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Victoria’s Dia De Los Muertos Bottles WebAR

Victoria’s Dia De Los Muertos Bottles WebAR

Victoria’s Dia De Los Muertos Limited Edition Bottles WebAR Campaign

Upshot Agency worked with Groove Jones to create an AR experience for Constellation Brands’ Victoria Dia De Los Muertos campaign.

The experiences allow consumers to bring a series of custom bottle labels to life in celebration for the annual Mexican holiday.

Groove Jones designed the experience to work with WebAR.





WebAR allows consumers to activate the bottles through a mobile Web page on their phone, eliminating the need for a mobile App. Consumers simply scan the QR Code on the limited edition 12 pack, 6 pack or individual bottle labels.

After confirming their age, the consumer can activate the bottle by scanning the unique label designs.





Life Themed Bottle



Death Themed Bottle



Split Life and Death Themed Bottle



Side of the 6 Pack Packaging



Side of the 12 Pack Packaging



Coasters used for onsite activations and events.



Bringing Innovative Package Design to Life

STUDIO: Groove Jones

By | November 11, 2020

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