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VFR Training

VFR Training

VR-Training “Visual Flight Rules”

With Virtual Reality, Lufthansa was able to increase the performance of its flight students in VFR training by 15 percent. It is now available for 500 pilot students per year.






In flight training, practical experience and repetition are essential. However, real planes and flight simulators are not always available or accessible. The first cross-country flights according the “Visual Flight Rules” (VFR) are very challenging for the students as they have to fly by landmarks instead of instruments.






Together with Lufthansa Aviation Training 3spin have developed the first mobile VR tool for the VFR basic training in Phoenix, Arizona. Using VR glasses, the pilot trainees complete a full cross-country flight before they have their first flying lesson – by focusing their view they can identify landmarks and receive immediate feedback. In addition numerous hazardous situations are simulated.






The training has been scientifically accompanied and evaluated at the Technical University of Berlin. It leads to a measurable performance increase of 15 percent. By using the app it is possible to do the training anywhere, anytime at low cost. It is now available for 500 pilot students per year.



STUDIO: 3spin

By | October 22, 2020

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