Under Amour Augmented Reality Face Paint


Interactive Kiosk

Scheels is a large sporting goods chain that specializes in experience-based retail. Animatronic characters, mini-bowling lanes, and larger-than-life saltwater aquariums are just some of the features of their locations. To complement their particular brand of destination retail, Under Armour commissioned NEXT/NOW to create an interactive kiosk that uses Augmented Reality to digitally apply signature objects of sports stars to the user: a mouthguard for Steph Curry, sunglasses and headphones for The Rock, a helmet and football for Tom Brady, etc..







Users pose alongside 3D animation of their chosen athletic star for a custom shareable photo that is then emailed with social buttons and download links. As a permanent installation, the kiosk sees dozens of uses per day, adding to the shopper experience and collecting relevant data for Under Armour.





STUDIO: Next/Now

AR, Retail November 30, 2019 by Alvin Manalac