Uber’s “Doors Are Always Opening”



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Uber’s “Doors Are Always Opening”

Uber’s “Doors Are Always Opening”


In September 2018, Uber launched the largest campaign in their history. Entitled the “Doors Are Always Opening”, this $500M campaign was part of the company’s effort to give the brand a fresh outlook.

For this reason, Uber was looking for innovative ways to reach their US audience in an untapped media. The other requirement was to be able to gather new data to quantify engagement to the brand message.






Uber decided to buy Admix’s display and Videos inventory programmatically through the Verizon DSP, via Private Marketplace. They were able to re-use their existing creatives, that Admix convert to their in-play format on the runtime.

The easy setup via a platform Uber was already familiar to, enabled the campaign to get setup in a few days.






Uber picked from a list of 100+ supply partners to prioritize driving simulation apps, flight simulation apps and discovery apps. They specifically targeted virtual reality apps on mobile, with an audience of young professionals likely to use their service. Uber put in place a daily cap on spent, which Admix hit every day during the campaign, a testament to the scale of our in-play inventory.





  • reached 165,000 US users immersed in VR apps
  • unique in-play engagement metrics show the audience spent a total of over 19h directly looking at the Uber brand
  • create a memorable experience to fit their new campaign’s objective


By | December 9, 2020

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