Trek Rider Analysis AR Tool

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Trek Rider Analysis AR Tool

Trek Rider Analysis AR Tool

Permanent Augmented Reality (AR) Installation

Trek is a cycling company that thrives on innovation and precise technical performance. Seeking a way to further its branding by streamlining the bike purchasing experience and abbreviate an often lengthy and costly bike fit process, the professional sporting powerhouse reached out to NEXT/NOW to create a one-of-its-kind Augmented Reality (AR) tool that would disrupt this process and reduce it to a comfortable, touch-and-go service that instantly connects buyers to their ideal bike match.







What resulted was an in-store AR “smart kiosk” capable of recording, motion tracking, and evaluating a rider’s movements in real time that then provides a slow motion analysis of body angles and positioning that gives the buyer precise feedback on bike adjustments and suggestions on the best equipment for them. What was often a lengthy service sometime spanning days, was now reduced to a two minute process.





Trek’s original rollout at their flagship store in Madison, WI saw traffic of up to 30 users a day. This success has led to expansion to a total of 5 stores and as a staple installation in all upcoming Trek locations across the globe.





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By | November 30, 2019

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