The Return of the Young Prince – AR Experience



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The Return of the Young Prince – AR Experience

The Return of the Young Prince – AR Experience

Magic Garden Paris Agency has won, with Bemersive for the augmented reality part, the golden prize at BEAWORLD Festival 2019, in cultural events category, for the launch event of the book “The Return of the Young Prince” by Alejandro G. Roemmers.

For this occasion, Magic Garden organized a very impressive evening event, offering a wonderful immersive show, mixing music and giant video projections.

Prestigious guests have been invited. And for this special evening, and these special guests, we needed a special invitation!







Magic Garden asked Bemersive to imagine a totally innovative invitation card, giving life to the book’s illustrations and showcasing the mood of the book.

Bemersive then created an interactive experience in augmented reality, which allowed to move in the graphic universe of the book, with spatialized sounds corresponding to the various elements of the 3D composition of the illustrations.

The guests received official invitation cards by mail, which triggered the experience through a dedicated application on iOS and Android, detecting automatically the cards illustrations.







The user then discovered a whole graphic universe appear in 3D around him, like a giant “pop-up” book. Users could get closer to the river to hear its runoff, to the plane to hear its small engine, and the same for all the important elements of the experience.

On certain points of interest, were hidden key quotes from the books, specially chosen by the author.

Bemersive faced several challenges to achieve the expected result:

  • the very short production time
  • almost daily validations of the graphic universe and its interactions
  • to be able to modify any 3D element as well in its aesthetics as its interactivity, and that until the day of the launch party

And this last challenge is almost impossible to handle for many studios.





Thanks to Bemersive’s internal and proprietary tool, Realmersive Editor, they not only delivered the project on time, but also offered the agency and the customer the possibility to follow in real time the evolution of the experience, and modify in real time their different requests.

Realmersive Editor allows to live update any element of the 3D universe (sound, images, video, object and 3D animation) and modify at will interactive behaviors before, during and after the publication of the applications on the Store.

The experience was a real success for the author, for the guests, for Magic Garden agency and of course Bemersive.





STUDIO: Bemersive

By | December 20, 2019

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