The Meeting Place

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Benny Or and Cyril Lancelin


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The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place

November 18th 2021, the world’s first interactive environment NFT drops! The Meeting Place (TMP), will be sold on SuperRare in an auction. The auction will close 24 hours after the reserve is hit.

Created by Benny Or and Cyril Lancelin, this NFT is designed to shift our conception of online interaction and ultimately create a space where all can come together to work and/or play in virtual reality. Through this experience of installation and architectural design, Cyril and Benny hope to set the stage for future generations and their way of engaging with one another. TMP is currently being hosted on Spatial.

Spatial as a platform has been known for facilitating collaboration and presence. From business meetings, to education, to parties and so much more. Spatial has evolved to service any type of event its users can dream up. Immersive experiences can take many shapes, even pink circular ethereal shapes. One thing that fuels the NFT economy is its community and this space emblemizes that. A gathering space for community. Spatial dove headfirst into one community they felt particularly embraced by, the NFT community. This drop is the first of many that will be minted on or with Spatial.

The Meeting Place, hosted on Spatial, is a 3D model that can be accessed virtually. Adaptive in function, the space can be optimized for a variety of use cases such as a virtual gallery, a co-working space, or a place to meet your loved ones. Hosting The Meeting Place on Spatial allows users to screen share, upload 2D images and 3D models, and interact as we would in the physical world. M2 studio has also helped bring the design of The Meeting Place to life.

The pandemic has left many feeling disconnected, uninspired, and detached. Despite being three-dimensional creatures, we continue to operate behind our two-dimensional screens. The creation of The Meeting Place is grounded in the belief that the most extraordinary human innovations come from organic social interactions. Spatial is a place for connection and presence and is a wonderful place to experience togetherness in an environment like The Meeting Place.

Start off your journey with the landing page and look at TMP from afar. This is a great opportunity to look at the vibrant colours and the overall structure of the ready-made 3D model. Once you step into TMP through the located portal, try looking up to view the revolving circles, shadows in motion and the detailed skybox of the clouds.

Jump down into the center surrounded by a circular staircase to fully immerse yourself in the metaverse and imagine yourself giving a speech, holding performance or seminars, curating a fashion show, bringing in art pieces to create an all virtual museum, and the many other opportunities you can take on with this space. Finish off your TMP journey by standing at the top of the orbiting circle to take a moment to yourself to look around and dismay that feeling of disconnection, demotivation and detachment from society you may have felt during the pandemic.

COMPANY: Spatial

By | April 27, 2022

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