Terrafugia VR for Product Visualization

Groove Jones

Terrafugia is Using VR for Product Visualization – The Future of Mobility From Ground to Air

How can you demonstrate the future of transportation when your engineers are still developing the product? VR is a great way to bring people into a product demonstration and tell them the story when it is still being developed. Groove Jones recently helped Terrafugia bring their concept to life. The TF-2 is a three-part transportation system consisting of a passenger or cargo cabin that is transported by an air vehicle and a road vehicle. Terrafugia is a company is currently working on combining two modes of travel – both land and air.





Visualizing the Customer Journey

Below are screenshots of the VR production that was created to demonstrate how a traveler can order a ride via a mobile App, be transported to a pickup location and then travel via the air to a remote location.

The production utilized both CGI visual effects and 360º video, captured on location.










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360, VR, Automotive, Entertainment July 15, 2019 by Alvin Manalac