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Step-by-Step-Guides for Bilfinger

Step-by-Step-Guides for Bilfinger

Industrial Tube preserves Knowledge

The video platform Industrial Tube enables companies to preserve specialized knowledge in step-by-step-guides and to share it with colleagues around the globe.

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Demographic change is a threat to companies, as it can result in the loss of very essential and valuable knowledge. Therefore, the biggest challenge for companies is to systematically preserve and transfer specialized knowledge.






3spin helped Bilfinger to build a product that enables service technicians to access step-by-step-guides, but most importantly produce them. The production follows a specific template and can be done both, using a smartphone or smart glasses. These guides are then saved on a secure server where they are processed and can, for example, be subtitled or translated.






The app can help to easily document a lot of processes in a very short amount of time. That provides valuable know-how for a younger generation of technicians. Companies can also benefit from an increase in the quality and security of work, as well as a reduction of time spend on a job.



STUDIO: 3spin

By | October 22, 2020

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